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So Life Never Ends

SeaRest,Inc provides a beneficial twofold solution to this problem. Our valuable land resources are preserved for future generations. Simultaneously, the fragile ecosystem of our coral reefs and it's inseparable symbiosis with all other life are improved.

SeaRest, Inc is an innovative, environmentally beneficial burial alternative. After years of development, SeaRest, Inc has been granted permission to construct and deploy Artificial Memorial Reef Modules in the State of Florida within permitted site locations. These Reef Modules will stimulate the natural growth of coral reefs, increase marine and plant life and become the final resting place for the cremated remains of departed loved ones.

Each memorial is made of cast cement, a natural conductor to sea life. This allows the deceased's cremated remains and urn to be permanently interred inside. The memorial is then lowered to a predetermined place on the ocean floor to join other SeaRest memorials.

These structures provide a natural home for sea life and a spectacular environment for sea lovers and divers.

One day, all of us must face either our own death or that of someone else. Perhaps the ashes of a relative that sit on the shelf in your home have already stirred thoughts of a dignified permanent resting place for yourself or those you fondly remember. When you are ready, we invite you to call us here at SeaRest, Inc so we may discuss our services with you and answer all your questions.

Through Sea Rest's underwater patented modular reef system, the eternity of the sea is now available to you and your loved ones. A brass plaque identifies names, and a certificate with GPS coordinates of the reef are given to the family.