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Welcome to SeaRest Inc. We would like to take the next few minutes to introduce you to one of the most innovative and technologically beneficial burial alternatives on the market today.

The SeaRest artificial reef module has been specifically designed to foster and enhance our delicate marine habitat, while at the same time providing sealed urn placement for a final resting place for our departed loved ones.

The SeaRest concept is based on years of research our desire to stimulate the growth of our rapidly declining natural reef ecosystem while providing an alternative to traditional burial practices for those that share our vision or for those that simply exhibited a passion for the sea itself.

Through the implementation of this nontraditional burial alternative, we and our loved ones, both living and deceased, will become an integral part of the solution to replenish our marine coral reef ecosystem.

With traditional burial practices the impact on the environment is largely negative. With the SeaRest non-traditional burial alternative, the impact on the environment is 100% positive in nature and our loved ones will actually be a part of the beginning of a new cycle of life.

As this new cycle of life begins to thrive below the surface, we begin to realize that truly,… Life Never Ends.

Welcome to searest

So Life Never Ends